Audio Branding Society

The Audio Branding Society is an exclusive business club solely for accredited audio branding agencies. This first and only international industry forum of its kind, it enables a helpful exchange between competitors as well as the development of a cooperative self-organisation.

The aims of the Audio Branding Society are to accelerate the professionalization of the growing industry and to sharpen its profile in the public perception. This includes a clear distinction between society members and suppliers of music and sound lacking an underlying brand strategy.

Accredited members of the Audio Branding Society see themselves primarily as agencies or brand consultants with a profound branding methodology and well-structured working processes. They have demonstrated their methodical working approach by successfully completing several audio branding projects.

The admission criteria for the peer-reviewed accreditation of Society members are strict and rigorous and therefore authenticate members’ expertise. The Audio Branding Society fulfills its function as an excellent branch overview and provides companies with the opportunity to search for suitable audio branding agencies by different selection criteria.

Audio Branding Summits are annual Society meetings where Audio Branding Society members have the opportunity to discuss industry internal topics and develop them further in a close circle. The topics and contents of the Audio Branding Summits are kept confidential and are determined by the Society members. Members of the Society can apply to organize a summit in their region and become the local host of the event.