Accreditation Procedure

Only audio branding agencies can be accredited for society membership. The annual accreditation committee consists of three long-standing members of the Audio Branding Society. The basic requirements for accreditation must be described in a written application to the Audio Branding Academy. The requirements are as follows:

  • Consulting and conception of auditory brand strategies must be crucial parts of the service portfolio.
  • At least two years of audio branding experience are necessary.
  • At least three comprehensive audio branding projects must be successfully completed, inclusive of consulting, guidelines and positive client endorsement.
  • Description of own audio branding methodology is required.


  • Administration fee of 100 Euros for the application.
  • Yearly fee of 250 Euros per agency (includes three employees).
  • Yearly fee of 25 Euros for every additional employee (maximum number of employees for calculating the fee is 25).
  • After 12 months, the membership is renewed automatically for another twelve months. The cancellation period is three months.