audity Sole Proprietorship

  • Employees : 4
  • Founded : 2006
  • Services : Strategy Consulting, Development of concepts, Musical composition, Music production, Market research, Rights clearing and licensing, Technical support, Quality management, Monitoring of sound applications, Supervision of implementation, POS-Soundscape/POS-Music, Sonification/Sonic Interaction, Acoustic design of spaces
  • Client Industries : Food/Beverage/Tobacco, Automotive, Retail/Wholesale, Media, Hotel & Lodging, Travel, Health Care/Pharmaceuticals, Transportation, Computer Software, Internet, Technology, Apparel/Accessoires, Consumer Products, Construction Industry, Sports
  • Clients : B/S/H, Miele, Swiss, Tirol

As an agency for audio branding and audio interaction, we develop acoustic identities and make brand sounds. We create sounds for brand identities, products and interfaces. A conceptual process that leaves room for unusual creations is the basis for successful sound solutions. We see ourselves as providers of impulses, sound strategists, and unconventional audio designers with a pronounced sense of functionality.


Blarerstraße 56
78462 Konstanz